My last post of my night!

While I need to post re: BHRR’s Oslo’s Vet visit last night; I am going to hold off until tomorrow……

AND for your nightly bedtme entertainment, BHRR’s Symba’s stuffie saga continues!!! 

As I told the kind angel that doubled washed his Jumbo stuffie bear; whomever BHRR’s Symba is adopted to once rehabbed; is going to need to understand his jumbo stuffie needs!

While we wait for Mr. Bear to come back – ETA Friday (please come soon!) – to BHRR’s Symba, this same kind angel that took the ICKY and I mean ICKY Mr. Bear to wash – and put him through the washer twice! – so generously gave him a jumbo Mr. Dino Stuffie.

Well, one would have thought that I was trying to pull some big fast one on him! He refused to even look at it….OR me for the longest time.

Finally, he sat next to it and the look he gave me….first picture…

YET, in the end the charm of a JUMBO stuffie won him over and now he is snuggled, snoozing and snoring with Mr. Dino! Second picture is proof!

He is such a big marshmallow!!!

This dog is a hoot! He cracks me up!!! 

AND on that note, from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!