N. Graveline, Port Colbourne, ON

Hi Gwen ,

My name is Nicole Graveline .

I was just wondering if I could be eligible to foster if I live in port Colborne , Ontario, it's about 30-45 minutes away from niagara falls.

Regardless of the answer it makes me so happy to know there are people like you and your team to care for animals in need, and if possible I would love to help you foster any dog or animal in need.

What you and your team go for these animals is amazing. It takes someone with a lot of love, patience , courage and trust to do what you do, and I like you believe we can make a loving world for animals that get over looked everyday. Again I just wanted to say thank you and I am excited for your reply.

P.s- my heart goes out to Potter, may he have a safe and wonderful recovery.

And hope all the animals find loving homes.


Thank you

Nicole Graveline