I brought Frost ‘T’ to the Vet with me on Saturday July 15th while I was working and as always, he was just incredible. He weighed in at 57.8 kgs again(127.16) pounds! SO, while I would wish for more, I cannot complain!!!! The heat has been so very hard on Frost ‘T’ and as a result on me as I am quite worried about it. The heat(120 degrees F or 49C) is suppose to break on Thursday, thank goodness. He is not a ‘water’ dog so I have to be extra careful when he is outside to ensure that he comes back in ASAP. Thanks to those that left notes for him on the BIG DOGS RULE MSN FORUM http://groups.msn.com/BIGDOGSRULE/dogofthemonth35.msnw & to those that felt more comfortable emailing him instead! For him to have all of this positive energy sent his way is so touching! He will make the 7 month miracle mark on July 23rd!