AND we look uber bootiful again!

At the Vet she weighed just under 80 pounds. She had her Lepto Vaccine & Lyme vaccines and her Rabies and DHPP are good until 2022 as we gave them in 2019. Both she and BHRR’s Miss Volt had been vaccinated for Lyme per the current protocols being recommended.

In January 2020, she will be due for her next QC6 bloodtest to see what her levels are like and in the fall of 2020; she is due for her Heartworm test which also tests for the three most common tickborne diseases and we all know that she will show up positive for Lyme WHICH is why she gets the QC6 test is to be done every 6 months AND that she is to remain on tick meds year round to 1) to see if she requires additional treatment for Lyme if her levels are too high
2) the proactive preventative will work to help ensure that she does not risk further exposure to Lyme disease

This will be in her adoption contract clauses along with her to be professionally groomed on a regular basis.

We are also putting this blog post in Miss Volt’s blog so that people can be aware of the status re: her receiving future Lyme vaccines and the QC6 testing too!