hanks to Cassy, BHRR’s Nimbus(what we are calling him) is safe with me now!

He weighed 38.7 kgs (85.14 pounds) at work and we did bloodwork for heartworm and tick borne diseases – negative – as well as pre-operative bloodwork in preparation for being neutered.

He is scheduled for August once he has had more time to settle in.

He is a 13 month old lacking serious manners and boundaries. He and I had a couple of ‘talks’ at work re: getting on the scale and then getting blood.

It is not ok to pull and yank and it is not ok to jump, mouth, try to bite and to not do something by attempting to throw your weight around. It is not ok to try and intimidate and threaten either. This was how he was running the home he came from.

This is the Giant Schnauzer that has serious resource issues and one of his previous owners went to take a high value item away and he snapped. He made contact and the Male owner ended up with two punctures. He did not require sutures yet, is on both oral and IV antibiotics.

He was quarantined and now that the health inspector has done their inspection; he could come to rescue.

Welcome to BHRR & Gwennie’s boot camp Mr. Nimbus!

I already know that you and I are going to have quite a few ‘conversations’ in our journey together!

Thank you also to Michelle and Cody and Jocelyn for their assistance at work tonight with him!