My last post of my night!

It has been an extremely busy week for us at BHRR and personally for The Boerkskins too!

We are preparing for BHRR’s Valour’s(that is what we are calling her) arrival tomorrow night – she is the terrified Great Dane.

We have moved BHRR’s Miss Olive to a new foster home – we will post more on that shortly.

We are working on the Giant Schnauzer’s arrival – ETA to be announced.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes on the rescue of there more Giants – we will post more on them when the timing is right.

We had Miss Devaney in to the Vet last Sunday as part of of our intake protocols and she will be moving from her own emerge temp foster to her temp foster soon.

This is BHRR’s Miss Volt! We have been holding off on her own new special announcement as she is going on a special play date tomorrow. We shall await to see how that goes prior to posting further re: her!

This was a play date that had to be postponed awhile back.

I will also be following up on those that have not yet paid for their DAY and/or OVERNIGHT Dates. Once they have been paid for, we will move to scheduling your dates! Once again, we are NOT moving forward with any dates re: BHRR’s Miss Olive and have not collected any monies from said winning bids and will not be collecting any monies. This is for a number of reasons and per the above, we will be posting more re: her shortly.

The Boerskins also want to express thanks to everyone – word has been traveling slowly and now faster – for passing along words of support and kindness re: my mother. It has been appreciated and your kindness is touching. She is receiving excellent care and from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, warmest of good night wishes are being sent!