My last post of my night!

This gorgeous gal is also getting ready to make her own special announcement over the next few days!

BHRR’s Miss Volt!
July 3rd, 2020

Thank you immensely once more to Josée of Josée Lavoie Pet Photography for donating her incredible talent plus time to capture BHRR’s Walter and BHRR’s Volt in a professional photo shoot!

Thank you to Elaine Giles, Bob Levesque & Hazel Talangbayan for lending their wonderful hands at this photoshoot too!

Miss Volt, the rehabilitation journey to happiness and health has been a really long one – from coming to us due to an untreated electrocution and when I picked you up, I noted your vulva conformity issues and all of the ensuing surgeries and rehabilitation has been an amazing journey to have walked with you.

YOU have been a model patient and one of the most awesomeness of canines that BHRR has ever been so blessed to have been asked to assist.

We have remained steadfast in our mandate to see you done right by; we have taken our share of abuse from people who wanted to see you killed and those monies raised for your bills to go to others; we have put up with email after email from folks that felt that Rotties were dangerous and mean bad dogs and throughout it all; we have stood strong and firm in doing everything that we needed to do for you.

YOU are the most social, friendly, affectionate, playful, smart, loyal, hilarious, loving, kind, gentle, goofy, fun loving without any meanness of adorable canines! 

We work to educate and inform people that there are not bad dogs; just bad breeders and owners. Rotties, Dobermans, Boxers, Pitties, German Shepherds etc. are all outstanding dogs. We need to stop blaming these breeds and get to the root of the ‘evilness’ in the world. For it most certainly is not these dogs.

BHRR’s Volt, while it saddens me to see so many people ‘cross’ the street, avoid you when all you want is to get and give love and while it equally bothers me to see people want to adopt you to be a guard or a fighting dog – yup, people have said that; what makes me happy is that NO ONE will be approved to adopt you that does not deserve you for the beautiful gift that you are.

You are not the first nor shall be the last dog that people turn their back on and also BHRR for working so hard to save you. We are and always shall be a special needs Rescue.

We are proud of you, we are thrilled – bittersweet time too – that you are one step closer to spreading those gorgeous ‘wings’ of yours and taking flight into the next what shall be fantastic chapters of your life……

It has been a true honour Miss Volt, a true honour to have been here for you. We never rushed, we remained patient, never were desperate and we never cut corners to get you healthy.

Some groups boast on their high turnover of dogs in and out of their programs. That is not BHRR. NO dog shall ever be placed up for adoption or adopted unless they are ready and it is their time……it is about doing it right each and every time for each and every dog.

To all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest – well, maybe coolest in this heat wave! – of wishes are being sent from our home to all of you!