BHRR’s Olive
18 month old St. Bernard
June 25th, 2020

One of the four x-rays we took of their hips and knees.

Both hips are bad, yet, that right hip is brutal. It is right out of the socket.

I did email the x-rays to Dr. Philibert and sadly, he does not feel that BHRR’s Olive is a good candidate for a FHO procedure, even with extensive post-op alternative rehab therapy. 

He is also not sure that BHRR’s Olive is even a good candidate for hip replacement surgery(ies) and recommended a referral to Montreal to obtain their own expert opinion(s).

We have worked with the speciality hospital DMV in Montreal many times over the years and will be sending BHRR’s Olive’s x-rays their way. We remain open to having them exam her too.

If BHRR’s Olive is not accepted as a suitable surgical candidate; then palliative care is our only option – this will be done via our continued use of Deramaxx plus Gabapentin and we do alternative medicine too.

So many of the BHRR dogs are very familiar with Chiro, Acupunture, Laser and Cold Laser, Massage, Hydrotherapy etc. and if this is where we are headed with BHRR’s Olive, then that is what we will do. She would be placed in our Haven Program, which is an enormous part of what we do at Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services.

One step at a time though…next step is to see what the DMV specialists shall say.