BHRR’s Percival!
Fox Red LabradorToday, we were in for our Quant C6 blood-work recommended by his Vet to be sent to the lab as he tested Lymes positive when he first came to our Rescue.

This test will determine if he needs to be on Doxycycline or not.
His wonderful Vet also felt that the lesions between his toes were so much better since we switched him from Apoquel to Vanectyl P and that it was the long term use of Apoquel that caused his lesions. Apparently, this is a possible side effect complication for some dogs in being on long term continual use of Apoquel.

He will remain on two tablets every second day.

He remains on monthly heartworm/flea/tick protection plus his special prescription fish food.

He weighed a muscled lean solid gorgeous 35.1 kgs(77.22 pounds). We have worked hard building up that muscle mass and to tone his body.

He was fantastic in the car, with all the puppies/kitties he saw at work and with all staff.

BHRR’s Percival, we are so very proud of you!!

He remains under a PENDING ADOPTION status.

Next, Miss Mollie will be in for her own repeat blood-work as she also tested positive for Lymes disease when we first rescued her. She has already had a course of Doxycycline.