BHRR’s Caramel!

He says he is finally ready to make his own special announcement! 

He will only be considered for a home that is extremely experienced in understanding dog body language.

We have worked extremely hard with BHRR’s Caramel so that he does not feel threatened by strange dogs or people.

He is so affectionate and loving plus very goofy yet, in the wrong hands, he would be ruined.

He has had a lot to learn in respect to manners with humans and also other dogs.

In not understanding body and other cues, he was constantly worried and would bark in an effort to communicate to others to please give him space and to not hurt him.

He has zero clue that he is a Great Dane. He thinks he is this small helpless creature and for the longest time thought everything was out to ‘get him.’

He communicates so well when he is not comfortable and shall need a home that will not:

*unconsciously or consciously set him up for failure by enabling his inappropriate display of behaviour re: anxiety or stress. He is learning that constant barking does not give him all the attention he wants. He has learned that a few barks, makes us listen to his cues and determine if there is something that we need to passively assure him and then passively ignore.

In the wrong hands, he would be a neurotic mess. He is calm and happy and comfortable in his own skin – can self soothe and comfort and amuse himself and has made some amazing doggie friends.

It has taken awhile for him to learn that said dogs were not out to ‘eat’ him or hurt him. His besties are my two Wolfies, BHRR’s Fred and yup, as you all know, BHRR’s Miss Lilly won him over… he ever had a chance?! 

With BHRR’s Walter now bunking in with us, he is worried about him yet, quickly realising that BHRR’s Walter is not going to hurt or eat him either.

We do not allow him to to be an idiot with manners or barking and his personality is massive! JUST huge!!!

He is a Dane that is not for the faint of heart. When you have earned his trust, he will give you his own heart and loyalty for life.

We must ensure that whomever is approved to adopt this handsome fine young man, will continue to build upon the strong foundations we have built and help him reach his full potential.

New surroundings, new people and new dogs etc., can stress him out so baby steps with exposure, treats and make each and every experience the best ever!

If you are calm and quietly confident and have that required experience plus knowledge, he just blossoms and thrives.

He is active, loves car rides and not just walks yet, hiking. We have built up his muscle mass and toning and he is in excellent shape, healthy and so happy!

He is crate trained, housebroken and I have had no issues doing his nails or bathing, just a bit of a squirmy worm.

Sean and I have spent a lot of time conversing if we should place him up for adoption yet, if his right matched personality fit loving home never comes along, he will always have a cherished home here!

He needs the proper level of physical and/emotional stimulation and if you want a dog that is an earlier riser, he is one!

He still likes to bark when I get up, at feeding time and when I arrive home, yet, now only gives a few barks and then settles down really nicely. He is a vocal boy that expresses all that he feels in his excitement or worries.

He is also bilingual!

He is not a ‘starter Dane’ and as posted above, shall only go to an extremely dog experienced home. That comes from not having had only one dog prior to wishing to adopt him.

We will not adopt him out to a home with any children – young, small nor teenagers.

We would love to see him in a home that already has a dog of their own that will be a great compliment for him.

No cats or other small animals is our preference with how excitable and full of enthusiasm he can be.

We do not ever want his spirit to be broken….what we want is for him to flourish and continue to see how much this great big wonderful world can offer him in experiences and kindness!

BHRR’s Caramel – never shall you ever know hurting or man-handling days again…never!

You are loved, you are now understood, you are magnificent, so precious and we are privileged to have been asked to assist you!!!

AND oh yeah, Momma Gwennie is bursting with pride over you!