BHRR’s Walter

Someone needs a bigger bed……and while the picture is kind of cute, the reality is not….. 

We had a wonderful rescue angel donate monies for BHRR’s Walter to have his own dog bed – sadly, Costco did not have any XL beds at that time, so we ordered online from a different business….

When that bed came in – in photo – it was not what it was suppose to be in dimensions and now, we are in conversation with the company working on getting our funds back. They are not being co-operative despite all documentation to demonstrate what was sent is not what we paid for.

So, dear sweet Walter is still using BHRR’s Bells bed in the meantime…..

As so many are experiencing, times are very tough for everyone and Rescue organisations are not exempt from the current brutal economy.

Every day is a struggle for r/q groups – we are down to 1.5 days left of fish based kibble to feed no less than 5 dogs in need of said kibble.

We have mounting Vet bills for meds, prescription foods and urgent care that can not be put on hold.

Animals do not stop needing high quality care during this COVID-19 nightmare.

If anyone may consider donating an XL dog bed for BHRR’s Walter and/or a bag of FROMM Salmon or Whitefish, our gratitude would be hundred fold.

The stress is real….we have been operating for over 24 years and have gone through more than our share of difficult time’s and right now is top of those hardship experiences…. 

Donations can be made via PayPal to or via Email transfer to or even direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic to our rescue account there: 613-383-8381.

Thank you’s from our heart to everyone in our BHRR village for being there during these unprecedented times….. 

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