I took Frost ‘T’ to the vet tonight as he has been vomiting and having bloody diarrhoea. He had not eaten since breakfast on the 31st and stopped drinking water today. We put over 600ml of sub-q fluids into Frost and he only weighed 49.2kgs(108.24 lbs). 🙁 As I said to the vet, I do not believe it is his heart. Nothing indicated to me that it would be and I believe that Frost ‘T’ who ingested water from our recently filled and shocked/chlorinated kids pool is ill because of doing so. I also caught him eating long grass. The Vet said that Frost’s heart was the best that he has heard it since all of this began for Frost last December and that he could barely hear his HM. That was great news. Frost has come home with Flagyl(4 pills, twice a day for 10 days) and the stool sample we took showed no signs of anything abnormal. Frost is also on Sentinel monthly and that takes care of hooks, whips etc. so it was not surprising to hear that his fecal smear was normal. Even though he was not well and his tail was not up to it’s usual ‘whip’ self; he still managed to wag it for the kids and people who stopped to pat and admire him at the Vet Hospital. One couple was completely floored when they asked why I was using my hands and I said that Frost ‘T’ was deaf. As I keep saying, education and public awareness is so key and Frost ‘T’ sure changed their outlook towards deafies/visually impaired animals. People’s jaws just dropped as Frost was in a perfect heel as we walked into the exam room and many a comment was heard about how much better behaved and trained he was over their own hearing dogs. I did not even have to ask Frost for the heel as we have worked so long/closely together that we just fall into our routine. I am so VERY proud of him. He is an amazing boy. Frost is now sleeping like a log on his supersized beanbag chair next to me as I type. As my husband and many others have stated, Frost ‘T’ is my shadow just as Phantom was and Maggi plus Klondike are and we are almost glued at the hip we are so close. Sean would be right. Admiration, respect, adoration and bursting love is what I feel for them and I get the best feeling in my heart over them. They truly own me. If need be, I will bring Frost ‘T’ back tomorrow for more sub-q fluids.