BHRR’s Percival!
Fox Red Lab

ISO: Someone who would be open to donating their time to do some professional photo’s of him. We like to post our requests on facebook so that people can offer if they are able and willing to instead of us reaching out to specific people as we would never wish anyone to feel like they had to take photo’s…

Please do email if you have some time over the next couple of weeks to do his professional photo shoot as he gets that much closer to being able to make his own special announcement!

He was at the Vet today and now weighs 37.10 kgs(81.62 pounds). We love for him to stay within the 35-37 kg range. He was 35.4 kgs at his last Vet visit and so we are working on his food intake to level things out for maintenance now. So, we going to go down to 5.5 cups of kibble per day and 1/2 cup of wet canned food and treats.

When he first arrived, he was almost 92 pounds and lacking muscle mass plus tone.

He looks fantastic and he still hates that scale! Wants to ‘toss his weight around’ yet, we get the job done.

His ears, skin and anal fistula’s have all resolved successfully under the proper fish food regime and the antibiotics plus allergy meds – Apoquel. He remains on the Apoquel every other day. His Lymes treatment of the Doxycycline is now also done.

We are extremely strict re: his diet and as treats he gets the wet form of his D/D Salmon food. He gets it with his pills and we discussed with his wonderful foster Mama(this is her 3rd BHRR Foster dog) picking up some of the Mini Zuk’s Salmon treats to try.

His foster mama says that he just runs to his crate and then sits for his food so adorably.

She has been working so diligently on his worry re: stairs and he is doing it! AND so proud of himself he is from what I am told when he gathers up all of his courage and does the stairs in their home. WTG Team!

Today, he was healthy enough for his DAPP and his Lymes plus Lepto vaccines and will be back in 3 weeks time for his boosters.

Per his very detailed blog, come the spring, he will require not only his regular Heartworm and Tick borne disease testing yet also the Quant 6 bloodwork to be sure that the Lymes disease has been successfully treated.

This boy has a huge fan club and he has been a really treat of a dog to have with BHRR.

Taking this boy in has also taught us once again that by doing the right thing can come at a price of taking some heat. Yet, we will continue to stand tall plus strong that with his Vet Bills now over $3,000, we have continued to go up and beyond in making sure that he along with all of the dogs in our program have lacked for nothing!

This experience has also made us add to our upcoming BHRR BOD & Advisory Board meetings that we will once again re-visit doing the intake of owner surrenders. Many other groups currently no longer do so and we continue to well understand why they do not accept owner surrenders any longer.

BHRR’s Percival, you are worthy and deserving and it was such a pleasure seeing you again today!! 

Thank you to your beautiful Foster Mama for bringing you in this AM. She had to have been exhausted working nights and then coming to this apt. and we are so grateful to her!