I took Frost to the Vet with me tonight as I had Jasper going in for his annual. Frost weighs 53.8 KGs.(118.36 lbs.). sigh……… The Vet was so kind to make some time to listen to his heart and lungs even though I had only brought him in to be weighed. His lungs are clear yet your can still hear the arrhythmia of his heart. The Vet said that perhaps it is time to contact a Cardiologist again to see what else we can do for Frost. He was suggesting perhaps another diuretic besides the Lasix that Frost is currently on. He also mentioned Nitro yet did not seem to feel that was the route to take. The Vet plans on touching back with the Cardiologist soon. We also need to determine why Frost’s ears are turning purple and his is ‘puffing’ more. Is it because of the weather warming up and he is continuing to exert himself trying to play outside or is he truly taking a slide downward. I will monitor that situation. As indicated to the Vet; we will continue to work on quality of life for Frost and not quantity.