Yesterday, BHRR’s Giselle and also Puppy Pile BHRR’s Granite had their own special dates!

I want to thank Sean so much in making sure the dogs were dropped off plus picked up as I had a prior commitment.

He may have forgot to bring the picnic snacks yet, I remain completely thankful for his time and effort to ensure that both dogs ended up where they were suppose to go! 

Here is a sweet pic taken by Heather – BHRR’s Giselle’s date and her words:

“Thanks again for bringing Giselle over yesterday. She is an absolute love, and we had a great time finding all the best spots to hang out and snuggle in the backyard.

Here is a selfie we took together- I miss her leans already!”

We have three more dates plus one more private experience to host before October 10th and then we are finished for 2019!