So, as people can see in the first picture thread post, how Miss Lily was with the people she met today – other than the one tall man and her Vet.

This is Picture #2 – in the exam room. We went into the exam room about half an hour after we arrived.

She had been overall content in the waiting area and other than backing into me and clearly showing some cautious worried body language when the one tall man walked by, she was curious, sitting in my lap, sitting in the chairs and sitting on other people’s laps.

Breaks your heart to then see this.

This is where I then passively ignore and did not make a big deal out of us being there. Calming touch when she sought me out, I sat down and acted like being at the Vet is a perfectly great and ok place to be….answered emails and treated the world as normal.

This body language of hers is not the same as what it was when we first arrived….