So, this shall be a picture story of Miss Lily at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic today.

Picture #1 – Making friends in the waiting room! Not much personal space given by this girl if she decides you are going to be her friend! No matter if you have space issues, she does not care yet, to all the met her today, they had zero issues with her being in their bubble! 

We arrived about 15 minutes early and were there for about 1 hour. I wanted to give her plenty of time to settle in.

On our drive in she does OCD chase the occasional vehicle that passed us. As of yet no pattern found yet documenting it all so I can best assist her moving forward. She was always fine when I passed vehicles and occasionally had an issue with a vehicle that would pass us be it on the highway or local roads.

She weighed a thin 39.2 Kgs(86.24 pounds) and ideally I would like to see her closer to 100 pounds. We shall get there!

The thing that made her most nervous was the one tall man that walked by which in turn the other tall man that she saw today was her Vet.

These photo’s I shall post in separate posts are the different faces of BHRR’s Miss Lily @ the Vet.