I took Frost with me when I worked at the Vet Hospital yesterday and did a re-weigh. He is now 54.8 kgs(120.56lbs)! That is 3 KGs(6.6 pounds) in two weeks that he has put on! I guess all of the roast chicken, bow-tie pasta with veggies and beef stroganoff is paying off! 🙂 Whatever he will eat, I will give it to him. Frost has always been a picky/fussy eater and never one huge on treats so I continue to offer him everything I can to whet his appetite. He has taken a liking to McDonald’s French fires much to the chagrin of my 2 year old daughter! His Digoxin levels appear good. I left a note in the Vet’s duty log to contact me to see if/when I should re-test his levels and also to order more Lasix. He is still on almost 25 pills a day and WHAT a trooper! He was not expected to live this long and while I know that his heart can never be fixed; he is doing amazing. I am now thinking in days, not hours with him and am positively blessed to have this time with him. Today marks 1 month since Frost started to take a huge slide downward. I believe that each animal that crosses our path can teach or show us something. Frost is teaching me more about acceptance and just living each day one at a time plus to soak it up to the maximum. Frost takes everything in his stride and has continued to forge on with his tail wags, ‘roo-roos’, Dane leans and his smiles. He has won many people over at the Vet Hospital and continues to charm all those that he meets. Sometimes, I feel that Frost is in a whole different world of nothing but pleasure plus bliss and I am calmed by just sitting with him and watching him live and simply breathe.