At the Vet Hospital last night, I learnt that the test results were back on his internal organ function such as Kidneys and they looked good. We are still waiting on the Digoxin level test to come back. Once those are back, we will then try to work in finding that ‘balance’ for him med-wise. Frost ‘T’ is becoming a really challenge to feed and he has now taken to wanting to eat ONLY out of a food bag or the food storage container. IF we do not allow this, he will not eat at all. UGH! 🙂 Last night he did eat one wiener and a piece of bread and had a little dry H/D. HE is just not eating enough to keep a dog half his size healthy. When the Vet asked me how he was doing, I said that I think he is doing great considering that everyone had expected him to be dead by now. I have already had more time with him than what was originally told to us and I take each day as a new miracle. I know that he is not well and I know that his heart is bad and that we cannot do a heart transplant for him yet from where he was on December 23rd to where he is now; it is amazing! I am truly thankful for each day that I have with him. As with Phantom, I just know that Frost ‘T’ will prove everyone wrong for as long as he can!!!