BHRR’s Volt (7 months old)

As many that follow BHRR’s Volts’ blog are aware, she will not be ready for final approval of an adoption until such time as her specialist, Dr. Philibert advises that her vulva conformity issues have been successfully addressed/resolved.

When she is spayed, her one incisor will be extracted and dental x-rays done to determine the health of her other teeth. If she needs more than the one extraction, it shall also be taken care of by BHRR. 

After much conversation, Sean and I have decided to make a rare exception and place her in a right matched personality fit home for a foster to adopt situation. 

*Said Foster To Adopt Home Must Be Within 2 Hours Of Us*

As many can attest to, she is deeply bonded to me and I work hard to make our dogs the most well balanced plus rounded that they can be. 

She is more than ready for this next step, even if she thinks she is not!

There shall be conditions put in place in her foster to adopt contract to ensure that while we wait for her to have that heat to see how much it may mature her vulva; that she is placed at zero risk of any accidental pregnancy.

BHRR has been operating for over 23 years and we have NEVER had any dogs become pregnant on our watch and we are not about to start! That is not part of r/q Rescue. 

Should that right matched home not find her and she remains with us, like all of our dogs, that is 100% ok with us too!

We are seeking a home that ideally has at least one other right matched personality fit dog for Miss Volt is uber social. 

We will consider homes with children as young as 5 and prior Rottie experience is not required.

If a home already has children, we do not wish to see her placed in a home that has more than 2 children. 

Previous dog experience is ideal yet not required if that right matched home is set up for success.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or retired etc. She is another versatile BHRR dog!

She has proven to be fantastic with cats too!

She will NOT go to a home that seeks to make her fat or obese – yup, one of my biggest pet peeves! She is lean and looks fantastic!

She is a dream to wash, do nails and through extensive rehab, she actually will get into the car on her own and even enjoys the car rides to a point now…..she more tolerates them as a means to get from point A to B to socialise!

She is housebroken and while not 100% proven trustworthy in our home on her own – she has a paper towel fetish! – at just 7 months of age, she is a ROCK star!

She is smart and we would love to see her go to a home that will consider therapy work with her. She has the perfect temperament!

She loves her walks/hikes and to snuggle and cuddle and her one vice is hooking her front legs around yours and almost tripping you!

Or, she has been known to take the bottom of your pant leg as you walk too! Working on it!

OK, she has another vice….she LOVES to dig holes…..big ones, gigantic ones….not quite sure where she is going for she digs them in every direction!

Is she the perfect dog? No…no dog is yet she is as close to bomb proof as any dog can be.

We encourage her to be curious and passively ignore anything that she may show initial uncertainty at….such as the flowers growing at the event we were at last week. 

Being born in October, she did not see many flowers in bloom last year. How people handle things and act is how she is going to react and the second time she saw them, no big deal!

To Miss Volt, as much as she loves people, places and things….she loves home the best! Walks on our trails and snacks by the fireplace/tv are her evening big moment of happiness.

OH, yeah, she still wants to climb in my shower more often than not too! LOL

We recommend anyone that may be interested in BHRR’s Volt, to read her extremely detailed blog and our adoption processes, policies and procedures prior to submitting an application to the BHRR BOD to consider.

BHRR’s Volt is almost a $15,000 dog to date in our efforts to get her physically healthy and if, Dr. Philibert requires her to have a vulvaplasty along with a ‘nip & tuck’ with the dental when she is spayed, she will be much closer to a $25,000+ dog.

To us at BHRR, she is MORE than worth every dime and to all that have met her to date, they can confirm that this girl is a WOW dog….super special, smart, affectionate, deserving and have I mentioned how stunning she is?!

She is a small female Rottie and yes, her tail was incorrectly docked and to us, she is perfect in all of her imperfections. 

BHRR’s Volt, it has been a true honour, privilege and joy having you with us……I shall shed many a tear when it is your time to go yet they will be so worth it!

You are a gift and we know that you will leave an incredible mark on the world!

My final note is a special thanks being shouted out to Alta Vista Animal Hospital…..without you, she would not have even had this opportunity. THANK you for saving her and then entrusting her to BHRR.