Yesterday, fellow rescuer Tanya of special needs dogs – Poet’s Vision reached out to myself asking if BHRR could take in a blind 7 week old Maremma pup.

Poet’s Vision is in the same position as BHRR, a big financial crisis yet, together we made the commitment that we would work as a team to give this baby the best chance – we were told that the Breeder was planning on killing the pup – and so we would dig deep and then even deeper to step up to help. We then put a plan in place to rescue this puppy.

Poet’s Vision, if you do not already know them, takes in dogs like BHRR, as their mandate is also to assist special needs dogs – we focus on the giants and they the smaller dogs & we both have the same goal at heart. 98% of the dogs we help are special needs and same goes for them. There are extreme few groups that do this and we are so appreciative of all those that surround these dogs in our respective groups with their caring support…. 

With this kind of rescue comes not just huge time plus emotional responsibilities yet big financial responsibilities too. The commitment and heart that it takes to do this to the quality level necessary is immense.

This little girl was picked up yesterday and not long after it became very apparent that there was more than just blindness going on. She screams constantly while she is awake and turns to the right continually. We are not even sure at this point if she can hear. Her head is misshapen and almost swollen.

On behalf of this sweet baby if anyone has anything they may be able to spare, with the most heartfelt humbled thanks from my heart, we would be immensely thankful plus forever indebted….

Donations can be made to PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

Alta Vista Animal Hospital does not collect donations directly any longer.

This pic is of *Flower* laying on my chest at Alta Vista. The only time she is not screaming is when she sleeps….

We are also doing a thorough blood panel on her including UA.

We will post an update ASAP and I know Tanya has also posted a plea on her own group page – Poet’s Vision Aussie Rescue.

I know it is Good Friday and it is time to be with friends plus family and today, I am with part of my cherished rescue family at the Emergency Hospital and thank you to my human family at home for being understanding of where I am needed right now….

R/q rescue is about sacrifice and thank you Sean, Mason & Kinsley for being who you are….