Frost ‘T’ is now on Cephalexin 1500 MG, TID and Apo-Diltiaz 1.5 tablets BID on top of his other meds. He has lost another 2+KG’s and we kept him on IV fluids all day. Frost is now on 6 meds for a total of 33 and 3/4 pills daily. He is on the Cephalexin as his white blood cell count was high; indicative of an infection. We are having a culture done yet with the holidays; we knew that a result would not be coming back until next week; so he was put on antibiotics for the ‘mostly’ likely infection for his condition. He is now sleeping better, about 4+ hours each night yet he is not eating well. We are trying everything and anything to get him interested in food. Frost has lost over 20+ pounds since his ordeal began and being on the thin side to begin with; we are very worried about him. Keep him in your thoughts.