My last post of my night….

We are calling the newest addition to the BHRR Family – BHRR’s Clay.

This is for a number of reasons and I shall not bore all with a Gwennie novel as to why! 

Yet, one only has to look up some of the definitions to get a glimpse into why we chose that name for this really precious boy. 

No more basements, starvation – I am told that he has put on 20 pounds since he was first taken from living in the basement – neglect, being bred etc. for you sweet man. NEVER again shall you know anything but a loving caring supportive hand. 

We will post an update after his Vet visit tomorrow…….

BHRR’s Clay would also like to gently remind everyone about our 8th Annual ‘1-on-1’ Special Date With A BHRR Dog Online Auction!

To view the 26 amazing dates that we have up for grabs – we have DAY and OVERNIGHT Dates – please do visit THIS LINK for all of the details and to bid!

We currently have bids of $775! 

Our unique Date Auction Event ends 9:00 PM EST on Thursday April 18th, 2019!

From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters, good night and try to stay dry wishes being sent!