Miss Volt was at the Vet today for her recheck.

She weighed 23.7 kgs(52.14 pounds).

Unfortunately, it was not the great Vet visit that we wanted….

1) She will have to have a tooth extracted yet the good news is that other than some scarring inside her mouth, she has finally healed up from the electrocution.

2) Her Vulva conformity issue has not improved with her growing. In conversing with two Vets today, it is not just a vulvoplasty that she will need and this has been discussed before…the folds around her vulva are very tight plus she has a lot of folds.

3) She is back on antibiotics and we will be using the Cortravance again.

I reached out after her apt. to Dr. Philibert, the Specialist who is seeing BHRR’s Connery tomorrow @ KAH and he has been so kind as to also fit BHRR’s Volt in to examine her.

I took pics today of her ‘female bits’ for her file and emailed them to Dr. Philibert.

Pictures I will not post here as Miss Volt should be allowed to have some modesty…. 

We drew blood today for her pre-op in preparation for her spay, ‘nip & tuck’ and whatever else Dr. Philibert may feel she needs.

So, our $11,000+ Miss Volt is seeing her Vet bills continue to mount as we work to get her healthy…..

So, we have added 3 more items to our latest flash auction and we will work to keep holding them as we can to keep paying off the bills of these amazing dogs…..

HERE IS THE LINK to see all of the amazing items – 50 that are currently up for grabs to help her and BHRR’s Barney.