BHRR’s Barney VIDEO!

75% Lab / 25% Saint Bernard puppy, very visually impaired & after arrival he was diagnosed with Grand mal seizures. Attempting to reach his previous owner to obtain any information / prior knowledge that could help his Vet Team including Neurologist proved futile.

It is not that we would have turned our backs on him if we had known re: his seizure activity…it just would helped us be that much more proactive right from the start of his owner surrender in helping him.

We love the special needs, 98% of the dogs we help are special needs, it is why I Founded BHRR in 1996 to be there for those others cannot or will not….it is BHRR’s Barney’s well-being that we want as a priority.

We still need another $2,500 for his MRI and our next flash auction shall be helping him and also BHRR’s Volt who is back at the Vet next week herself.

Next week shall be a busy one as BHRR’s Connery sees the ortho Specialist & The Dane Trio pups are also back to see the Vet for their own next recheck.

I so adore BHRR’s Barney and we continue to work hard on controlling his seizures and he deserves everything great that the world can offer! 

He is no longer sad or confused or abused….he is so cherished. Helping hands only…

We received another 15 cms of snow overnight and he is a hoot!