BHRR’s Barney!


Today, I made the drive – the third time in just a week that I have made a drive for a BHRR dog in need!

No wonder my 2017 Mazda is almost at 120,000 kms!

This is the 75% Lab & 25% Saint that is said to see about 10% – in having him now in my care, yes, he is visually impaired yet he does sees more than that.

There is not a vision test available to date that can actually test for percentages of how much a dog can see. Other tools plus expertise are used to help determine visual impairment. This boy gets around very well though.

He is the 8 month old puppy that I had worked so hard to find an emerge temp foster spot for and then put into place transport arrangements for February 9th.

Then, on February 6th a message went out to the approved BHRR Volunteer that was going to pick him up and meet me on the 9th – I had put the two of them in touch to confirm pick-up time – that the O. had ‘lost it’ on this puppy(they had been very open about at least one of them in the home hating this puppy).

They had threatened for some time to not just our group yet others that they would dump him, including in the bush and stated again that they would do so if he were not picked up that very day.

As of the 6th, he has been in emerge temp foster care with Gail and with everything that happened to BHRR’s Fletcher, I met her today to pick him up instead of yesterday.

Thank you Gail for dropping everything, re-arranging your schedule and keeping him safe for me.

You are an exemplary example of how invaluable our BHRR Approved Volunteers are. You have made these past few days, a lot less stressful.

Knowing he was in such capable caring hands that would work to set him up for success, giving him loving positive experiences, being patient, kind and just accepting what he could give as he could give it; makes me feel truly indebted to you. 

You are the first strong link of what shall be a truly amazing BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS” in his rehabilitation journey moving forward.

This boy is so low maintenance, calm and sweet and though quite skittish now, that will change in time…..

AND yes, he is small!  He was 75 pounds earlier this week.

Other than his forehead and something about his tail plus back feet, he is literally all lab, no Saint and 100% stunningly handsome. 

He will come to work with me tomorrow to continue with his vetting protocol.

We gave him the name of BHRR’s Barney for a new name for the start of the rest of his amazing life that we have promised him that he deserves and shall have.

From there, after he settles a bit, he will head off to Bob/Hazel, who are going to be his fabu temp foster family!

Welcome to BHRR Barney!

You are safe….you are loved… are special!