I will post more details of the Vet’s findings( I am in a true fog of anguish at this time) when I get a copy of her medical notes but at 10:30 AM today; we made the decision to let Snowball go and a large piece of myself and Sean has gone with her. At least 2 feet of her small intestine would have had to been removed and even her spleen was completely abnormal, though the Vet could not determine why. She was clearly suffering and her prognosis was very slim of surviving let alone having any quality of life if she did. We are just beyond devastated. She was not even three years of age and had so much life inside of her. She is an angel that has more than earned her beautiful wings even though selfishly we wanted her to so badly be still here with us. Her body shall be brought home here where she belongs to lay in eternal rest. At this time, I cannot even think of writing her memorial. I do know that we will be creating an annual Fundraiser event named in her honour. It is at these time that you feel like someone has ripped out your heart and torn it cruelly to pieces and you think that you can carry on no longer. She is already so very much missed and neither Sean nor myself really had a chance to say a proper good-bye. It is so hard to believe that her energy and zest for life is no longer with us. The world has lost another incredibly beautiful creature with her passing. When I left her last night; I hugged her, told her to have a great sleep, to not have any wild parties and how much I loved her yet I never said good-bye. I already miss her so very much. We are truly crushed by losing her and she was a deeply cherished member of our family. Kanata Animal Hospital will continue to take any funds for her Medical Bills should anyone wish to donate in her memory. I will be working extra hard to complete her CafePress store as well to immortalize her on special items to share her inside and out beauty with the rest of the world.