Tonight, BHRR’s Glacier of The Dane Trio would like to be the one to send everyone good night wishes and for all still on the roads, to please drive carefully!

This is him *tracking* me and the moment when he picked up my scent and honed in on my exact location! He was so proud of himself and what a happy, sweet, easy going, huge cuddly baby he is! 

AND I am so proud of him and his litter-mates with all of the progress they are making and believe me housebreaking puppies is hard enough, let alone puppies that no one did anything with for 9 weeks of their lives, puppies that are both deaf & blind and training them flash in and out of the house because of -40C temps.

They have been super stars!

AND, BHRR’s Glacier wants to share that as we end our fourth day of our 6th Annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction, we have had bids of over $750 to date!

We remain feeling so blessed and fortunate to everyone for helping to make our creative one-of-a-kind Fundraiser so successful!

To view all of the items and to bid, please visit the link. Please also note the pick-up location(s) of any item(s) you may be interested in!

Your assistance to raise the $4,000+tx that we need for the deaf/blind Dane Babies to have their eye removal surgeries, their alters plus for BHRR’s Sleet to have her umbilical hernia also repaired is so appreciated.

Their urgent surgeries are scheduled for February 15th.

We will also be posting a small flash auction plus we are working behind the scenes on what I am calling a ‘Puppy Love Valentine’ Event to hopefully help raise more of the much need monies we need for these surgeries.