UPDATE: On the 2 special needs Dane puppies.

The one home is still prepared at this time to surrender their shelter foster puppy without payment and the other home remains holding strong to wanting $600. 🙁

Thank you to the three angels that donated a combined $200 to date to assist towards going towards this puppy if it came down to it. We really do not wish to find ourselves in the position of having to pay and to go down what I have already termed setting a dangerous precedent. 🙁

Copy of Original Post:

These are the next two in urgent need of BHRR

2 x Special Needs Great Dane Puppies
9 weeks old
1 Male & 1 Female
ETA Being Worked On

This was a litter of five that I had been asked to assist since they were 2 weeks of age.

Their mother had died and a litter of 10 was put into a shelter. Sadly, 5 of the puppies passed away.

BHRR was then reached out to as a strongly focused special needs Great Dane Rescue. We were more than happy to step up to assist.

When the puppies were 6 weeks of age, the shelter placed two into foster to adopt homes; I took in one as my own the one assessed as being the worse and the other two were placed into foster care by the shelter.

The shelter was happy that BHRR was here to assist in any way needed and I gladly made the almost 6.5 hour round trip drive pretty much daily to help with feedings and care up to when they were placed into separate fosters.

Unfortunately, the two puppies that were placed by the shelter into foster homes felt understandably overwhelmed – these are special needs puppies and with that comes special care and special dedication plus special big responsibility.

The shelter indicated to the fosters that they were not in a position to take them back into their own care and directed these two homes to reach out to BHRR.

Both homes wanted BHRR to pay for these puppies when all vetting, food, toys, formula, supplies etc. to date had been paid for by the shelter along with BHRR.

It has been a big touch & go difficult situation as both homes stressed that they would put the puppies to sleep unless BHRR paid for them.

BHRR does not believe in paying for animals to bring into rescue and has spent a lot of time conversing with the homes in this delicate situation.

At the present, we now have one home willing to surrender their special needs puppy without BHRR paying for it.

The other home is still insisting that we pay $600 for the puppy and we continue to attempt to get the home to do the right thing. We are walking a very fine delicate line right now.

The Shelter feels that they they cannot enforce their contract with this home as they had already told them that they could not take the puppy back.

We truly do not want to be getting into a situation that we would be forced to pay $600 to save this puppy. That sets up a dangerous precedent.

Of course, we want to make sure that the puppy is not put to sleep, dumped outside somewhere etc. either.

This is an extremely stressful time right now. 

We will continue to update as we can…..and may 2019 bring both puppies safely into our care.