BHRR’s Keg – 8 month old Berner Pup

He is going on his own special play date today!

We know that he has garnered a lot of interest and we continue to gently remind people:

1) he has a very detailed individual blog that people are directed to read – from the very bottom upwards – that documents his whole journey

2) that all of our adoption processes, polices and procedures are clearly posted on our website and this includes:

a) our adoption areas
b) our fencing requirements
c) our child age adoption policy
d) that a completed adoption application contract must be submitted to the BHRR BOD for review in order to be considered for him
e) that BHRR is NOT a facility, pound or shelter
f) our adoption fees

3) he does not languish in a kennel or crate. He lives in a loving home on almost 148 acres of which 3+ is safely fenced in for his enjoyment. He has wonderful friends to play with and is so happy plus thriving. 

4) he does NOT need to be rescued. We already did that and have successfully rehabbed him. We are seeking that right matched personality fit forever loving adoptive home for him.

5) we ONLY place per right match personality fit and our thorough adoption screening process helps us determine if a home is or is not that right matched home for one of our dogs.

For those homes that feel that after reading the information provided on his individual blog plus all of our adoption criteria that they think they may be approved to adopt him, you are most welcome to submit an application to the BHRR BOD Team to review.

Have a great play date today BHRR’s Keg! ??