BHRR’s Bane – ~ 5 year old GD
VEC Toronto ICU 
*Under the care of the Internal Medicine Specialist

We are going to be transferring his care to one of the most trusted places we have ever felt privileged and blessed to have worked with – Alta Vista Animal Emergency Hospital & Specialty Services.

Alta Vista AH has been there for many of our dogs since 1996.

We have been working hard behind the scenes and for Lindsay and myself it has been a brutal week.

This emaciated 98.4 pound Great Dane is currently being treated for a severe UTI & Bladder infection along with Sepsis.

VEC Toronto has now done two u/s, a UA, a Urine Culture & Sensitivity, blood-work, X-rays of abdomen and hips, tested for Addison’s, ruled our ruptured spleen, tumours/masses and any FB or sliding obstruction etc.

Yesterday, a Neurologist ruled out any ataxia related to neuro issues and his neuro testing response is normal. Therefore, his weakness and current body plus medical condition/state are due to his severely neglected condition.

Cortisol was added to the antibiotic and fluid therapy he is on and a feeding tube was inserted.

The great news – his urine is not as bloody looking, he is back to eating his small meals every 2 hours and drinking water on his own. He does still have a feeding tube at this time though.

He is slowly being moved off the Fentanyl to Tramadol & Gabapentin etc for pain management.

Lindsay – I will have to rely on you a bit to make sure that I have missed nothing big for your updates from being there in person have been far easier to obtain than mine from home.

As of yesterday, his invoice said his bills were already $4,639.68

YOU have helped raise a beautiful tear welling up of $2,010 at this time.

We continue to beg for him and are putting on our thinking caps re: fundraising.

Per a previous post, I had called the VEC Toronto Hospital and they said they will not take donations over the phone.

Donations to this severely neglected Great Dane can be made direct to email transfer of or via PayPal to

We have been also collecting and holding into safekeeping all documentation sent our way re: those that have any factual prior knowledge of this Great Dane.

Once we get to Alta Vista AH, we hope to be in a much better position to pull aside the official veterinary documentation we shall also require to move forward in opening up a case with the OSPCA.

Just as BHRR’s Bowen did not deserve to be severely neglected, neither does BHRR’s Bane OR any dog….and we will do right by these Danes.

Please continue to keep this dear sweet boy in your best wishes AND know that even if you can spare $5, that to us and to BHRR’s Bane, it is helping us to save his life……

AND Lindsay, I am a broken record I know yet you are exceptional as his emerge temp foster Mama. You have put your own work and private life on hold to be with him throughout each day and night, you have also donated to his cause via financial contribution and equally important is you are ‘his person’ and he continues fighting strongly!

You are outstanding….simply an incredible person who I admire and am honoured to know. You are selflish, dedicated and caring! THANK YOU and in a matter of hours I can finally kiss this sweet boys’ face myself in person….I cannot wait….

From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters, we are sending the best of good night wishes along with our tears of thanks for standing by this special Dane.