BHRR’s Bane

When you are nothing but a skeleton, it is painful to lay down so couches make for a great resting place for your head…..

Also, he was to be back at the Vet today for a recheck, re-weigh, re-visit that hind end/left back leg plus toe and further diagnostics including possible anitibiotics, a better de-wormer etc…yet this is his urine. Per his emerge temp foster home when I asked when she picked him up and for updates since then, his urine has been concentrated yet not like this.

He has also stopped eating….

This boy has so many medical concerns and his strength is not there as we would wish it to be…while he is no longer falling down and over, his poor neglected body has faced so much adversity to date…..

We will update as we can and please keep him in your thoughts.

We are still very much collecting donations for his and BHRR’s Bowen’s ever mounting vet bills.

Email transfer to

OR via PayPal to (please use the friends & Family option) so we do not pay fees….

We will not see him or any dog suffer and we keep his best interest in mind at all times…..