This is ‘Bane’
~5 year old Great Dane
Severely Emaciated, Rashes

We were asked by a truly wonderful Rescue group to step up to assist him.

Just Paws Animal Rescue saved his life by taking him into their group on Sunday and then reached out to us last night to see if we could help him.

We have stepped up without hesitation and thanks to Lindsay for being so willing to emerge temp foster him – she picked him up today – and thanks again to Just Paws Animal Rescue for saving his life!

He is barely 102 pounds and he is the victim of a relationship breakup and was passed around. Apparently, he once weighed 160 pounds and I do not know if that was a healthy weight for him yet I do know that his current emaciated weight is horrific.

She is going to be feeding him 8 small meals a day to help get his body used to food and to jump start his gut again.

BHRR specialises in emaciation cases, especially with the giants and we remain forever grateful to Jane Smith & Tamee Osher-Diamonds of Just Paws plus their incredible support system by taking him in last Sunday.

I am also deeply indebted to Lindsay for stepping up….again in our time of need to emerge temp foster for BHRR.

Lindsay has said that no picture shall truly capture how terrible this sweet boy’s body condition is.

With the enormous needs of *Bowen* and now with this sweet boy, BHRR is having to shut our doors to others in need as the bills shall be enormous by the time these two are properly and successfully rehabilitated.

Bane, like Bowen has an account set up at Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 for any consideration to their bills.

OR donations can be made via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

We shall post more re: dear Bowen tomorrow and to keep you updated on Bane.

Thank you as always to everyone that may consider our efforts to support for BHRR focuses strongly and almost exclusively on the special needs as that is our mandate since our inception in 1996.

Please know how much your kindness means to not just us but to all the animals in desperate need of help.

We have some long roads to help these dear boys travel and cannot do it alone….

*First picture is what he used to look like, second two pictures were taken today by Lindsay*