As many that follow our page are aware, BHRR’s Keg was at the Vet on the 11th of September for a neuter, to be microchipped and to have his stifles plus hips further examined under anaesthetic.

The x-rays indicated that he has effusion on his stifles and they were sent off to the wonderful ortho specialist Dr. Parker to review – after two Vets looked them over at KAH – and I also had two other Vets, one also being an ortho specialist to get their expert thoughts too.

His hips do not appear to be abnormal at this time.

The feedback that came back:

1) for a dog his age to check other joints for inflammation. Rule outs also include OCD of the femurs. Nothing was obvious on the x-rays but can be a difficult diagnosis. Joint taps may be indicated.

2) wait to see the new neurologist – waiting for the referral – as Dr. Chauvet, the one he was with is no longer at Alta Vista  as four Vets note the stifle effusion yet did not find anything completely scary, or cause for immediate panic at this time and feel that his hind end is quite possibly related to his neuro issues(he does have some ataxia) and could explain why he limps at times – more on left over right – and can cry.

So after much talking with the Vets plus specialists we will re-visit with neurology and go from there as to whether we need to do the joint taps etc.

His Vet Bills to date:

A copy of his invoice from the 11th is also attached. That invoice does not include the cone that he was sent home in. That was another $10 or so.

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He was such a good boy and in the pic is all sleepy in prep for his procedures. Thanks Cailey for the photo!