BHRR’s Bogart, The Male Weim.

Got him!!!

He now has a name for all those that have been following his detailed Individual blog, BHRR’s Bogart. 

There are SO many to thank for the saving of this truly exquisite boy….any errors made in omission are completely unintentional. Please forgive me for any error. OLC, PP, the SPA Beauceville, Winchester Kennels & the Freedom Drivers! All of you are his angel network! 

So many us came together to help make this Rescue happen and while I will always remain so disappointed in all those who failed him in his past – his most recent owners had him about 1 year and then dumped him in a pound despite knowing people were working on r/q rescue assistance, thank goodness that pound is Rescue friendly and from there this amazing boy is now safe! R/q Rescue often experiences the positively best in people and not just the wretched behaviour of the worst of some in the world.

Said to have severe SA & HD, I have spent the last 2 weeks just waiting to meet him and having now gotten him in my hands, this boy is going to be just fine in time! He is exceptional and I honestly do not think he is ~8 either. Maybe 6 yet we will get him healthy and learn more about him, do proper diagnostics on him and give him time….time to learn so much about caring loving supportive hands. 

An honorary Dane he shall be and yes, he is thin….I love lean as so many know yet he is a bit skinny yet we will also work on that plus building up his muscle tone and mass.

Everyone who has crossed his path over the past two weeks has said he is super calm and sweet and yup, only took a few moments after meeting him to concur! Friendly and so handsome to boot! 

I was going to take him to work tonight to begin his proper proactive/preventative Vet care protocol yet he is so exhausted, has had a lot going on over the past two weeks just in working to have him saved and I am going to give him tonight to chill and relax and tomorrow is a new day. As with any of our dogs, he will lack for nothing! Never again shall anyone fail him….that I promise him as I do every dog that we are entrusted with.

To those who turned their back on him in his big time of need, shame on you and he is your loss and our and so many others that are waiting to spoil/love him gain.

I am now on my way to pick up poor Bakers Dozen BHRR’s Furry Murray. That undescended testicle was in his abdomen, the poor boy. This could have caused him serious future medical concerns so I am very happy to know that he will have one less possible medical issue in his future.