BHRR’s ??? – Needs A Name!
~8 year old Male Weim
Severe HD & SA

O. dumped him at a pound even though they were aware that people were working on finding a r/q Rescue for him. Then, apparently another group was to help him and from what we were told stepped down.

He may not be a Dane or a Giant yet BHRR has taken in so many honourary Giants over the past 22.5 years and as we focused on the special needs, he needed us badly. ETA to BHRR TBA.

So, between rare moments of spotty reception during my time away working and worrying about if he was or was not safe, this boy is now safe for sure! Thanks from my heart is shouted out to OLC and PP for all that they did to ensure his safety until I arrived home.

We sincerely hope that everyone has had a great couple of weeks!!

On our part, even though our FB and Website were pulled offline for the last 2 weeks, r/q Rescue is always 24/7!

Since being on *vacation* as of August 8th, I have addressed over 14,000 emails, helped find r/q rescue placement for 52 dogs and we committed to bringing this sweet dear boy into our program at BHRR.

I would love to find an emerge temp foster for him for a few weeks in our neck of the woods! If not, he will be bunking in with The Boerskins. 

We provide the food, bowls, dog bed, collar, leash, vetting etc. YOU provide the spoiling love!

Please email over posting here as we may miss your kind offer.

AND note if you are an approved BHRR Adoptive home, you are also an approved temp foster home should your circumstances allow for it!

AND from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes are being sent!

I am up with the birds tomorrow to go back to work for a bit and then off for the rest of the day for another surgical procedure! UGH! With the horrible attempts to get home from our first vacation in 19 years, it is now major cuddle time tonight with my kids and the animals!