The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Poppy
ADOPTED April 29th, 2018

With one of her litter-mates BHRR’s Furry Murray – Blue Fawn(Haven Dog). Not the best picture yet she was zooming and zipping and staying still was not easily in her vocabulary for she was so over the moon happy to see her litter-mate.

Last night Sean & I were able to visit and hang with BHRR’s Poppy’s wonderful forever loving adoptive home and the two siblings had a lot of fun together!

Thank you to this home for working and wanting to do right by BHRR’s Poppy and for giving her such a wonderful home.

We heard about how attached she is to their cat too! 

BHRR’s Poppy was extremely happy to see us, yet she knows ‘who’ home is and that made Sean plus I feel so thrilled.

BHRR’s Furry Murray was incredibly fascinated by their lovely drink tray by their patrol furniture!