BHRR's Albert went back to having accidents as of last Saturday February 12th, despite us even trying to get him out more often. Poor sweet boy. 🙁  On the amazing note, he actually ate the treatie that was brought to him from 2 of our approved BHRR Volunteers while people were here that day!! THAT is huge re: his comfort level. BIG step in his rehab.

AND AND AND, he actually came out of his crate  went outside to pee and then came in to take a drink of water when it was just us and a few strangers here. OMG! I just wanted to hug him! AND AND AND, both my kids had play dates/sleep overs that day/night and he LOVED Kinsley's friend. I was just so filled with happiness and to have it tinged with such sadness over his loss of muscle control, is just so heartwrenching.

BUT, we are still going day by day of quality for him!

If you want to be a BHRR's Albert Angel, please feel free to contact us. We do not know how much more time he has but we can guarantee that the time he does have shall be the BEST!


Albert's Angels: