My last post for my night….

I sincerely wish it was a good news one….

BHRR’s Big Benjamin, one of our Haven Dogs had been having some sneezing with resulting nose bleeds. After being referred to a specialist, it has been confirmed and he has been diagnosed with an inoperable nasal tumour.

This fine man is just shy of 8.5 years young and this saddens us immensely. 

We always shall remain about quality of life and at this time, he is happy Big Ben, eating, drinking, breathing and resting well. Other than the intermittent nose bleeds,one would not know at this moment that something horrible is growing inside of him…..

Due to his age, he was not considered a great candidate for radiation or chemo either. We want the time that he has left to be the best that we can give him and we would do whatever was recommended for him by the experts.

We sincerely hope that he shall be going strong for our upcoming annual June BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house so that so many can love on him one more time……

As with the tradition that we started way back in the day, we are ensuring that he is visiting all of his favourite people and places and having extra special play dates plus visits.

This boy is truly exceptional and this is so unfair…..

On behalf of Big Ben, we ask that you hug your loved ones extra longer tonight and tell people/pets how much you do care, for no one knows what tomorrow shall bring….