We got him!! 

We are now on our way home!

He will need to see the Vet for a few concerns and he is booked for Friday.

He is ~37″ at the whithers, quite skinny, has a skin tag and another growth on his penis that we will get investigated, He has a raw area on his back left rump and his hips plus back knees need further investigation.

He needs an Accuplex – heartworm and tickborne disease testing, those teeth checked out, and he has not had all of his vaccines from the paperwork we were given. He will go on flea/tick and HW preventative also. We will de-worm him plus do a fecal on him too as part of proper proactive/preventative Vet Care. 

Thanks again to Elizabeth for coming with me to pick him up! 

Sean has named him ‘Singe’.