I do not have the best news for BHRR's Albert. As of last week, he began to have at least two bm accidents in his crate or on himself daily; despite being out as often as he might wish. In taking him to the Vet and then referred to a specialist, it is believed that he is most likely even older than 8+ and as with some dogs(humans too) as they age, his sphincter muscles are no longer working normally and have 'loosened'. 🙁

He is embarrassed when he finds himself pooping himself. 🙁  He will even 'freeze' as he almost scares himself that he is doing this.

So, Sean & I have had to make a very tough decision and we will be spending this next while, giving him as many of his special memorable experiences as possible. We believe that each person and animal deserves a quality filled live and to BHRR's Albert, he clearly does not feel he is having any dignity in having this happen to him.