I went to do the homevisit today and I brought along both Abbi and Jenni. Turns out and when talking to Sean he reminded me that I had mentioned this to him before I even left that I felt that Jenni could be a better fit for their home. I had felt that based upon what I was being told about their current dog by them and their references that while Abbi(whom they were originally interested in)might be a ‘good’ fit; I felt that Jenni could also be a good if not a better fit. Turns out that Jenni took everything in stride; going into the house; making herself at home by eating treats, going up and down stairs; interacting with the people and their dog with ease. She even was great with their bird. Abbi on the other hand; showed us a side that we have never seen and those that have met here and interact with her regularly; would have been very surprised. She was very reluctant to even come out of the car and when I got her out;(while Jenni is wrapping herself around me entangling me in her leash etc! LOL); Abbi even tried to hide under their truck. It was so distressing to see. Once Abbi was in the house with Jenni leading the way very excitedly; Abbi settled in better. She went outside and played with Jenni; she was ok about getting some loving from the people and while she was not nervous of their dog; she was not comfortable either. She just was not interested nor would she eat any of the treats being offered while Jenni was soaking it all up. Here we have Jenni running up stairs, checking things out and Abbi is being very quiet and sedate. Jenni had to be reminded a few times about the ‘no jump’ in her happiness yet Abbi was just content to stand around. Abbi was even uncomfortable around their bird. The DBB’s go everywhere and yet this time; Abbi was not even thrilled about going in the car while Jenni was looking out the windows etc. The home was in agreement that Jenni is a better fit and when Abbi and I left; it was the same thing; she was very reluctant, did some submissive peeing yet when she saw the car door open; she went right in and layed down. She is now at home; de-stressing by having a long nap in her crate with the door open. So, while I felt that Jenni would be a better fit based upon her personality and what I had been told about their current dog; I MOST certainly did not expect to see our little Abber package of confidence and comfort just crumble like that. I told the home that it was not personal; there was just things that Abbi just did not feel at home over and Jenni did. I am delighted for Jenni; was very hard to leave…….AND I mean very hard to leave one of the DBB’s and I had thought often over the months if Jenni and Abbi should be adopted together yet that really was not required. Though they have always had a strong bond and are dependent on each other in their ways; for them to really become part of a new home; properly integrated etc., they needed to be separated. As much as I am going to miss ‘The JenniBean’; I know that Sean’s heart as taken another ‘hit’ with another one of his special ‘gals’ being adopted out. I have some new pics of Abbi to post and shall do as soon as I can. AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!