Samson George’s Tribute

Mary – I can’t express how sad I am to learn that Samson has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. I knew he was sick and not eating, but hadn’t a chance to check your site in the last couple of days. Samson wasn’t with you long, but be assured no one else but you could have given that special old boy all the love and extra care that he deserved in his senior years. I know how much effort you put into saving all the dogs in your care. Words always seem so inadequate at times like these. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on your loss.Deanna – I’m so very sorry and sad to read of Samson’s passing. I’m sorry I never got a chance to meet such a majestic gentleman as it sounds like he was, but I’m so very glad he ended his life surrounded with love at BHRR.

Simone – No words can express the sadness I feel for your loss. It was Samson’s story that inspired me to give a home to a senior. I do not regret having tried and I have not given up on welcoming one into my home – when the time is right. He was not with you long but you were able to give him a reason to live by accompanying you on your early morning walks and being the official BRHH greeter. I have shed many a tear today, sharing your loss however knowing he is no longer suffering. His spirit lives on and visitors to your website will know his story – A story only you could write!

Merrilee – In a way, I’m glad Samson didn’t get adopted. We know it’s HARD to find someone to trust with animals, and I know with you Samson was with someone trustworthy. I didn’t worry about whether he was loved or being looked after. I knew he had the best. Your tribute to him was lovely. I hadn’t realized you took walks together every morning possible. That was something he certainly did enjoy, I can be sure. Thank you for taking Samson in, and for caring for him as well as he ever could have gotten, and for LOVING him so much.