Samson George ended up going to the vet tonight for we had one of our own Danes hurt and then we also needed to let one of our own Danes cross the Bridge on October 28th. We did a manicure, pedicure, HW test and full exam on Samson George along with a Thyroid test. We looked at Samson’s missing toenail which is healing great! We also noted his one slightly underdeveloped eye that seems to be responding well to Polysporin drops at this time. He might require some eye surgery at some point in the future to fix that ‘rolled’ edge on his third eyelid yet for now he is doing well. His heart and lungs are also great! He weighs just under 68.7 kgs at this time and is still losing weight. Samson still needs to be microchipped as things were really busy at the Hospital tonight.