BHRR’s Cagney
December 10th, 2017

I apologise for the delay in making this truly wonderful post! More on why ASAP….

The Saint Lady of BHRR’s Cagney is now adopted! Her equally beautiful Saint sister BHRR’s Lacey was adopted on December 3rd to her own incredible forever loving home!

This is our 14th approved adoption for 2017 and for a small highly specialised Rescue, fantastic news!  This also marks our 407th approved adoption since our inception in 1996! 

I wish to thank BHRR’s Cagney’s new forever loving adoptive Mama for their understanding as I had to step away from this home-visit three times to take calls from one of the Animal Emergency Hospitals. Your compassion and patience meant a lot to Mason/myself for being so far away in Hamilton from the emergency was extremely emotionally difficult. You were really kind, so thank you! 

Thank you for also going through our detailed adoption process and in considering a BHRR dog to adopt!

To see both of our Saint Lady Sisters in caring homes for the fast approaching Holiday Season is so heart-warming!

As last week was our last approved adoption to the London, Ontario area, this weeks approved adoption is our last one to the Hamilton, Ontario area as The Boerskins continue to move forward into 2018 with the vision set forth for BHRR. 

BHRR’s Cagney, you also rocked our hotel experience and met your own police officers with two cruisers! As per your usual take in stride everything, the lights and sirens fazed you naught! It was an experience for Mason and I for these police officers were specifically looking for a masked man and we had to go under hotel confinement immediately upon arrival! ? BHRR’s Cagney would have been happy though to go with them on their manhunt as she loved them! 

Always an adventure to be found!

I dearly miss both of my Saint Ladies yet they do not need me any longer…..they will bring so much happiness and smiles and laughter and love to a lot of other people they will touch with their amazing gifts!