Puppy #4 – Born Fourth – September 13th, 2017 @ 12:15 AM
Blue Fawn Male – Definitely has brindling coming in!
Weight: 515 g(1.13 pounds)

September 20th: 1 week of age: 1 pound, 5 oz
September 29th: 2 weeks of age: 2 pounds, 9 oz

This boy is so chill! Laid back, nothing seems to faze him much, takes life in stride, patient, he watches quielty as some of the more ‘attention seeking’ puppies work to get the attention and in his eyes you know that he wants a piece of the action, yet remains content to wait his turn….

What is MOST important is that he gets his turn and then some. Many may overlook this handsome man for he does not live in the lime-light yet to me, he speaks volumes if you just ‘listen’ to his non verbal communication