My last post for tonight! Gwennie Novel Style! 

I am working hard to respond to people’s messages ASAP and please forgive for taking longer than usual for I am 24/7 on puppy duty right now. Thank you. 

We are still ISO: the items below as well as auction items, draw prizes and surprise loot bag items for our upcoming popular Annual Dine With The BHRR Doggies fundraiser coming up super fast! This year may be more about dining with the BHRR Baker’s Dozen! Please do email if you have an item for our cause. All money raised will be going to the Puppymill Great Dane Mama Gem and her 13 puppies born between September 12/13th. 

Sean and I had our 21st wedding anniversary yesterday and we said to each other that the best celebration would be seeing all 13 babies thrive. No time for flowers, cards or dinner yet what was most important and special, we were both together last night doing something truly needed and amazing….helping Mama Gem & Her Babies. 

As promised, I am going to share the birth details and posting some of the same information shared earlier today. 

This photo is of BB – Baby Brindle Girl – #6 born weighing only 276 g(9.7 ounces) 

While Mama Gem will not feed them nor does she even have enough to feed 13 puppies even if she did….she will at least let 5 of them snuggle around her now for a bit of time. This is great for the babies. 

She is not the best herself, not eating well nor drinking well yet she just had 13 babies in under 12 hours. 

1:00 pm today was their first attempt with the bottle from tube feeding and I got at least 1 ml into each Baby with the stronger one getting 15 ml. The whole process took 2.5 hours. 

The next feeding, more progress was made and fast forward onward and I now have 9 babies strong on the bottle – I always worry re: aspiration- and 4 still not faring as well.

The more time passes, those getting stronger are pulling farther away from those not thriving as well.  I am not giving up….as long as they have fight so do I!

Gearing up for the next feeding and staying positive. Thank you to Sean and Kinsley for being the best wingmen ever in helping me! 

**’NOTICE: For those seeking to drop-off items, unless Gwennie has put you in direct contact with exact details of where items can become be dropped off to, no other place/s are approved. This is a public page for all to see. Unbeknownst until just now is that we have had someone taken advantage of and now much needed items & $225 cash has been stolen by another. Please email Gwen directly at OR if you have anything to donate.**

URGENT NEED FOR DONATIONS: BHRR’s Mama Gem & The Baker’s Dozen Pups

We shall need so much and we are already incredibly grateful knowing that there are a lot of beautiful folks wanting to step up at a moment’s notice!! We promise to update as we can, when we can on their progress. 

Here is a list of our current urgent needs and we remain forever indebted to anyone that may consider our cause. Every puppy shall have their own individual blog page too. NONE of them are available for adoption at this time and will not be for a long time.

May we also ask for people not to just drop by with donations. That is equally stressful on puppymill Mama Gem and if we are feeding at that time, greatly disrupts the stability we are trying to keep here. We have a super person in Ottawa – Brenda(lives near Bayshore) that generously offered up her home for donation drop-off, Dawn in Kanata has also kindly offered up her home and if people email us at, additional arrangements can be made. Please DO not drop off items/monies to anyone that we have not put you in touch with….

Mama Gem does has a file set-up at both Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 and also at Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 for anyone that may wish to donate direct to the Vet Clinics for the care of her and her babies. is for email transfers AND is for PayPal Donations 

1) Flannel FITTED Sheets – Queen or Twin
2) Pet Valu Gift Cards 
3) Pee Pads
4) POWDERED Esbilac – 794 g is the better value
5) Large to XL Stuffies
6) Pinesol
7) 7 cases of PVD Essential Care Puppy canned food – Vet Food
8) 9 bags of 8 kg PVD Essential Care Puppy Kibble – Vet Food 
9) Dane sized durable/appropriate puppy play toys 
10) Auction items for our September 23rd Annual Fundraiser 

From our home to all of our supporters, family & friends, good night wishes being sent! Someone get a wee bit of sleep for me too please!