Amazing Grace is now home and I have begun treating her left eye with antibiotics. She was such a GREAT patient at the Vet Hospital and really made a wonderful impression on the staff. Her needle aspirates and the biopsy will be sent off to Histology at Guelph University for analysis yet with two Vets having taken a good look at her, they fear that the news will not be good on that one fungal type lump embedded to the bone. We also await the results of her bw. She was happy to see me yet when I put her into her ‘house arrest’ pen; you could tell her spirits really dampened down. I spent a couple of hours just sitting and lying with her to keep her company and to comfort her. We see many nasty things in rescue and while I am torn with each of them; Grace has really made a huge impact on me and I have shed many tears as I have held her. She has no mean bones in her body and just would like to have constant human loving and a canine friend or two to romp with. Her desires are very simple and I hope to fulfill them for her. Her name truly suits her for she handles herself with a poise and grace that I will forever remember. She only had to go under sedation to do the biopsies. Her results should be back within a week and it might prove to be her last week. How utterly tragic.