Please know I am not ignoring calls, emails, messages etc.  I have been up since 5 AM Tuesday and after whelping puppies throughout the night/early AM then had to go to work for 8 hours, pick up some wonderful donations for the pups afterwards and have since been back home with family and puppies etc. I also spayed BHRR’s Daffodil! 

I am hoping that tonight I can get some rest between feedings and will post more re: our needs and on the pups plus Mama Gem tomorrow. 

We will be having a flash auction to help raise urgent funds for their care. 13 Giant Breed puppies to properly vet which includes de-worming from 2 weeks onward, their vaccines plus boosters, spays/neuters, fecals, food, etc…shall cost thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars. We do not cut corners at BHRR. Each puppy plus Mama Gem will receive everything they need plus more. 

I will say that right now all 13 puppies are hanging strong as can be.  Wee brindle baby girl born at only 9.7 ounces too.  Mason and I had spent a lot of time on her when she was first born and almost as much time on 5 other of the 13 babies to help them survive plus thrive. 

I leave all with a picture of the BHRR’s Baker’s Dozen taken a couple of hours ago. 

A bit blurry as they move about!