BHRR’s Lacey – 9 month old Saint Bernard – born December 3rd, 2016
She is the second of the two Saint Ladies – sisters!


She is as lovely, beautiful and as special as her sister!

She is great with all people of all ages and dogs of all sizes and nothing fazes her either! She is rock solid! She has proven good with cats also and integration is always key.

Strollers, wheelchairs, sirens, traffic including motorcycles, air brakes she takes all in stride! She is bomb proof, which is so rare.

She travels wonderfully in a car yet it is best not to have her travel too soon after a meal. She has had the occasional/rare puke in the car so I no longer have her fed within two hours prior to going anywhere.

She loves going to visit new people and places and also to visit old friends and great familiar haunts. She will only go to a home that is social and will take her to have new public experiences and meet new people and animals etc. She is calm in the house with appropriate indoor play and loves her outdoor time too – she does wonderfully with her present 3 x 1.5 km walks a day and also plenty of free run time in our 3+ acre fenced in yard!

We will consider right matched homes with children as young as 5 for her as long as all of our other child policies and adoption criteria are met. Homes that allow their children to lay on, sit on or ride dogs NEED not bother applying. That is totally inappropriate behaviour.

While our preference is to see her in a home with at least one other right matched fit dog, it is not a deal breaker. That right matched forever loving home must have a strong doggie social network in place for her though. She loves to play chase and is so dog social.

She adores all humans of all ages, sizes as mentioned above her yet if you are male, you may get a tiny bit of a slight edge over everyone else for men are just a tiny slight more of an attraction for her.

She can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, from home, is semi-retired, retired etc., for she is another versatile BHRR dog!

She has not proven 100% reliable in our home unsupervised as of yet but she is a mere baby still. She is a smaller female Saint, weighing ~90 pounds and will not be done growing until close to 3 and then her brain will be mature by age 5. She ‘may’ make 115-120 pounds when done growing and that is at a lean, healthy weight. Not fat or obese with no waistline. Dogs are not meant to have protruding stomachs or be one straight line. Huge pet peeve of mine…..we want her and all of the dogs to live long, happy, healthy lives and being at an appropriate weight is deeply beneficial to have said wonderful long life!

She is easy to wash, do nails and clean ears. She is crate trained and house broken.

She is eager to please, quite obedient overall and her leash manners have come a long way! She truly is an asset to home and community!

She, like her sister have been an absolute joy to have assisted!

She would also make a truly amazing certified therapy dog.

As always, as my time with her also comes to a close, I am filled with mixed emotions yet mostly such happiness plus excitement as she gets ready to enter a new awesome chapter in her life!